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GYMWATCH GmbH develops advanced fitness technologies and devices. Based in Darmstadt, Germany near Frankfurt, the company’s first product is the patented GYMWATCH Sensor, which is the only fitness tracker that precisely measures the full range of motion and strength expended in every exercise and provides real-time feedback to help users perform exercises properly and get maximum results from their workouts.

As a spin-off from science (TU Darmstadt), the team was in 2012 in the innovation program “EXIST” by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. These and other financial assistance from the European Social Fund for Germany and the EU have resulted in the founding of the company in 2013.

GYMWATCH has received numerous honors recognizing its innovation. Germany’s Federal Minister of Economics and Technology awarded GYMWATCH the “IKT Innovative” prize in 2013 at the country’s largest start-up competition. At the 2014 FIBO, the world’s largest show for fitness, wellness and health, the GYMWATCH Sensor was a finalist for the Innovation award. Another notable success was an international crowdfunding campaign in 2014, which resulted in hundreds of pre-orders from around the world.